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Read the amazing story of Rachel Coleman, a mother overcoming extraordinary obstacles to help her daughter, and in the process giving birth to Signing Time!  

Watch a video:  Introduction to Signing Time!

Benefits of Using Signing Time Products

    -Signing Time speaks directly to your child. It is an engaging activity you both can participate in together.

    -Signing Time uses real ASL signs, not made up or modified signs. This has the same benefits as exposing your child to any other second language-the signs can be understood by others who sign, and used in real-world situations outside of the home.

    -Signing Time uses engaging animation, original music, and shows real children signing. Your child will imitate what they see other children doing and will quickly make the connection that signs are for communication.

Benefits of Taking Classes

    -Attending classes provides motivation to continue signing each week, which increases the likelihood that you will be consistent in your efforts to use ASL with your child and thus reap the benefits.

Having other parents to exchange information with and offer support can be helpful and build friendships and community.

Having a qualified instructor to answer questions or demonstrate the correct way to do signs can eliminate confusion and expand your signing skills.

*Information provided by the Signing Time Academy ©2009 Two Little Hands Productions 

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