See what parents and students have to say about classes.
These responses are from parent/caregiver feedback forms distributed at end of Baby Signing Time Play and Sign classes:

    "Brooke's bright smile and dancing boots brought the 'signs' 
    to life!  The signs we used are applicable to everyday 
    life with my baby daughter.  I'm very happy I took the 
    series of Baby Signing Time classes.  It has even helped me 
    with reading, singing, and just plain talking with my baby.
    Thanks Brooke!"

    "Nice repetition and use of music along with helpful props.  

    "Great class exercises to use signs!!  I am looking forward to 
    another class."

    "The class was a really fun way to learn signs and get useful
    tips for practicing at home.  Brooke was an engaging instructor 
    and able to hold my toddler's attention.  The combination of
    reviewing signs and learning new signs each week made it easy 
    to remember them and use them in everyday communication.  My 
    daughter is using what she has learned to tell me what she needs 
    and what she is thinking about.  It's very exciting for me to see 
    her be able to clarify her baby talk with signs instead of getting 
    frustrated and resorting to crying."

    "Brooke has good positive energy and is very encouraging. The 
    songs and picture book were very helpful."

    "We had a lot of fun and look forward to including sign 
    language into my baby's days."

    "We learned many signs that will be very useful to help 
    communication!  My baby enjoyed the class a lot!"

    "Brooke was full of energy and fun.  My son loved watching her 
    sign and dance."

    "Very engaging and loved the music and dancing."

    "I really liked this class.  Brooke is a great teacher and very 
    energetic!  The class was great!"

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